Paleo on Vacation

I’m writing this post from the Dallas airport, on my way back to San Antonio after a week in Village That No One Has Heard Of, Ohio. My son and I were visiting my traditional Italian grandmother for her birthday. Read: nothing is paleo there.

I love seeing her, but I’m excited to get back to my regular food! Out of six days visiting, I was able to have four paleo dinners, four paleo breakfasts, and three paleo lunches. I guess that isn’t terrible, but one of the cheats (mashed potatoes) left my intestines cramping for a full two days. For those two days I ate a lot of fruit LOL!

In addition…she’s old…and like I said, traditional Italian. She doesn’t understand dietary restrictions AT ALL. A lot of our discussions about food just left her more confused and saying, “that sounds terrible! Have some bread and cookies!” A few times I did just that haha!

Anyway, we are starting another Whole30 in a few days and I feel like it can’t come soon enough!

What are your nutritional hurdles while away from home?

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