Boeuf Bourguignon


boeuf bourguignon


There is a little debate as to whether or not this is strictly paleo or primal.  It isn’t compliant with GAPS or with Whole30.  This is only because of one ingredient: the three cups of red wine.  We had a friend over for dinner tonight, so this is what I decided to make.  It turned out really tasty!  The only thing in the Julia Child recipe that isn’t ever compliant is the flour.  I took care of that part by using tapioca flour instead of traditional grain flour–you couldn’t tell the difference.


Additionally, instead of regular beef broth, I had this lovely container of beef bone broth just begging to be used…so that’s what I put in this.  It made it just slightly richer than using plain beef broth–and a LOT less salty that using store-bought broth.  If you’ve never made bone broth, you can find the recipe HERE.  It is well worth the time it takes to make it, and it’s SOOOO good for you!


Be prepared…this takes a good 3+ hours to make.  To be fair, two hours of that is roasting time.  This is definitely a wash-the-dishes-as-you-go kind of recipe.  Just trust me on that part…unless you happen to have a sink that holds about 500 gallons.


Boeuf Bourguignon

Serves 4

1/4 pound bacon, cut in short strips

4 Tbsp butter (or ghee or clarified butter)

2.5-3 pounds beef cut in 2″ cubes (use something like rump roast, chuck roast, sirloin tip, top round, or bottom round)

1+ tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

2 Tbsp tapioca flour

2 carrots, sliced

1 onion, sliced

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 Tbsp tomato paste

1 Tbsp fresh (or 1 tsp dried) thyme

1 Tbsp fresh parsley, chopped (plus some for garnish)

1 bay leaf

3 C full-bodied red wine (something like Cotes du Rhone, merlot, cabernet, or chianti)

2 1/2 C beef bone broth (or regular beef broth)

1 pound mushrooms, sliced thick


1.– Preheat oven to 425.  Saute short strips of bacon in 1 Tbsp butter.  Pat beef dry and add to bacon in 3-4 batches (leaving room around the cubes).  Brown each batch and remove from pan to a casserole baking dish and set aside.  Sprinkle salt, pepper, and tapioca flour over beef mixture…toss a bit and bake 10 minutes so flour mixture is absorbed.  Take out of the oven and reduce heat to 320.

2.–In saucepan, heat 1 Tbsp butter with remaining bacon fat.  Cook carrots and onion until soft (6-7 minutes).  Add tomato paste, garlic, thyme, parsley, and bay leaf.  Give a quick stir for a minute or so to soften up the tomato paste and disperse it a bit.  Add broth and wine; bring to a gentle boil and simmer about 5 minutes.  Pour over meat in the casserole dish.  Cover and bake 2 to 2 1/2 hours (I started checking it around 1 hour 50 minutes and it ended up taking just a few minutes over 2 hours).  Also, my time might be a little different from yours because I don’t have a casserole dish that’s big enough, so I used a roasting pan which pretty much had the meat all in one layer instead of in a pile.

3.–While baking, slice mushrooms and saute in small batches in 1-2 Tbsp butter.  The trick to mushrooms is to have your pan HOT before you put them in (obviously the fat goes in to heat up first), and DO NOT crowd them!  You want to cook small numbers of them, hot and fast.  Trust me…it’ll change your mushroom-life.  When meat is done, put a bowl under a colander and pour meat and liquid into the colander.  I put the meat back in the roasting pan and covered it to keep it warm.  Bring liquid to a gentle boil and simmer 8-10 minutes.  Pour over meat and mushrooms.  Garnish with parsley and serve immediately.


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