On Vacation Again…


It is not easy to stick to a paleo or primal way of eating while on vacation. Fortunately, my parents are game to eat whatever I cook, so that is a plus. That being said, there have been a few times that eating out was unavoidable, which presents its own challenges. Out of the six vacation meals we have had so far, three of them have been strictly compliant. I guess 50% isn’t terrible for being away from all of my supplies and snacks…but I definitely notice the fatigue and headaches from the non-compliant food.

If you’ve never eaten a paleo or primal diet for longer than a week (with no cheats), you likely don’t know about the headaches. This is one of the things that let me know exactly how bad grains and sugars are for us. Once you eat something like bread or a cookie, you can just expect to have a weird version of a hangover for the next 12-24 hours. And trust me when I say it comes on within minutes of eating. It kinda ruins the lovely taste of whatever you just ate. Oh well.

Apparently what I need to get better at is travel-food. I’ve mastered the art of airplane snacks (read: make and bring your own). It’s the extended daily foods that trip me up. It doesn’t help that there is only one grocery store where my parents live and apparently their produce prices are terrible. Seriously…I don’t understand how in Texas, we can get lemons (grown in Florida) for 3-5 for $1 and in Florida…they can pay almost $1 a piece. There is something wrong with that picture.


8 thoughts on “On Vacation Again…

    • chiodo80

      I’m so used to the prices where we live in San Antonio, where I can buy pretty much the whole produce section for less than $100 LOL! Seriously though, we buy about 25 pounds of fruits and vegetables each week (minimum) and I might spend $30 in that section…and that even includes about 60% organic!

  1. cavegirleatpaleo

    Wow, the whole Florida lemon thing doesn’t make any sense! I live in an area that has terrible prices on produce, and very few organic options. I haven’t thought about travel yet on a paleo diet! I’m still so new at this thing…

    • chiodo80

      It’s a whole lot easier when you’re going to someone’s house where they will just let you cook hehe! I’m getting better at eating out and ordering mostly compliant…but it’s definitely a process!

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