So You Have Leftovers? Bourguignon Stew (Primal/Paleo)


Beef Stew

You might remember that last week I decided that I felt like boeuf bourguignon…but I also wanted soup…so I made boeuf bourguignon AS a soup.  It was delicious and really hit the spot.  We had about 32-ish ounces left over–because we were about to go out of town for a week, I froze the leftovers in a container and decided I would figure out something to do with it when we got back.


We’re back now and still really haven’t gone grocery shopping yet (yes, we got home five days ago).  Fortunately, I keep a fair amount of staples on hand, we have a few different things that I keep frozen (I always make a double batch of SALMON CAKES so that I can freeze half of them–I also do this with any type of meatball or protein that I put in cake form), and we can always make “breakfast for dinner” in a pinch.  Today was relatively warm (okay…it’s San Antonio and it’s April…it was hot), but it was overcast for most of the day.  Again, I felt like soup.  But I didn’t want the same soup as last time…I wanted it to be a little more substantial because as we haven’t gone grocery shopping, we don’t have any fresh vegetables or anything to add with the meal.


This is quite literally the easiest leftover recipe I’ve ever made (that requires slightly more than just heating it up).


Bourguignon Stew (Primal/Paleo)

Serves 4-6

32 ounces leftover BOEUF BOURGUIGNON SOUP

30 ounces organic crushed tomatoes

10-20 ounces water


1.– Put leftover soup into large pot over medium-low heat.

2.– Add crushed tomatoes.

3.– Add water.

4.– Heat through, stirring occasionally.


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