Fried Chicken and Cauliflower Tots (Primal)

Fried Chicken and Cauliflower Tots

Man, I was planning on writing regularly starting in July, but we got CRAZY busy this summer!  Isak had ballet and soccer, everyone in the family had something to do for vacation bible school, I got sick, JR got sick, my bestie from KC came to visit, Isak and I went to Ohio to see the family, and I had jobs pretty much throughout the whole summer.  Now that school has started (for everyone else–Isak doesn’t go to school yet), we have “slowed down” to the fall schedule.  Isak has ballet, tap, hip hop, and tumbling/acro, he and I have started delivering for Meals-on-Wheels once a week, we go to SAMA on Wednesdays, throw a choir rehearsal in there somewhere, my jobs, and Isak loves to go to the park as much as possible.  Okay, so now that I just read that, apparently we haven’t slowed down, but have added MORE to the schedule.

Oh, and on top of that, I’ve BECOME A BEACHBODY COACH, which has been super fun!  I’m currently running my first challenge group and it’s full of some awesome people.  I’m looking forward to doing a lot more of this–I mean, who doesn’t want to get healthier, right?

Anyway, I’ve posted 700 recipes for fried chicken on here, so just pick whichever type of friend chicken you want to make with this.  Today, I’ll just be posting the recipe for the cauliflower tots.  Totally a delicious addition to any comfort-type meal!

Cauliflower Tots (Primal)

2 C cauliflower, finely chopped

1 egg

1/2 C finely minced onion

1 Tbsp finely minced parsley

1/2 C grated Parmesan

1/3 C cashew or almond flour

salt and pepper

1.- Put cauliflower into microwave-safe container with a couple Tbsp of water.  Cover with plastic wrap or loosely with a lid.  Microwave until tender (about 4-5 minutes).  Press with towels to pull out any extra moisture.

2.- Heat oven to 400.  Line baking sheet with parchment paper.  In medium bowl, combine all ingredients and season with salt and pepper.

3.- Spoon one Tbsp at a time into hands and roll into small ovals.  Place on sheet and bake 16-18 minutes.